Connection difficulties
I can't find my username

Your login ID has been sent to you by post or email. If you have not received it or if it is no longer in your possession, contact your policy manager. You will find his contact details on your last summary of reimbursements or your statement of pension rights, for example. If you had already logged in, your email address will allow you to retrieve it. To do this click on « Forgot username ».

I can't use the virtual keyboard

The virtual keyboard is made up of 4 lines of 4 digits, the position of which varies randomly with each new connection to guarantee greater security. You must first type your identifier, with the classic computer keyboard, in the "Identifier" box, to access the entry field for your access code. If the keys of the virtual keyboard are inactive, this means that your login is incomplete. In this case, please enter your login in full again to access the virtual keyboard. When the virtual keyboard is accessible, position your mouse on each of the digits making up your access code, to select it. Once the digits of your access code have been entered, you can validate your access code.
Your username and access code must only contain numbers.

I forgot, lost, blocked my password, or my password no longer works

You have 3 attempts to enter your access code. Following 3 incorrect codes, access to your account is blocked automatically, and an alert message informs you of this blockage. You can define a new access code yourself by clicking on « (Re)Define your password ». You can also contact the manager of your policy whose contact details are in the alert message. If your account is closed or deactivated, a window opens automatically when you enter your username / access code. For any information on the status of your account, contact the manager of your policy whose contact details appear in this window.